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"Christmas Mystery " by students in year 6, Aiga and the teacher

Christmas Mystery

Main characters:

Father Christmas – Iván
Mother Christmas - Sara
The Three Wise Men:  Melchoir – Verónica, Gaspar – Carlos, Balthasar – Estefanía
The villain witch – Diana
The black cat – Shakira
The rabbit(?) - Giancarlo
The seasons: Spring – Brenda, Summer – Suleima, Autumn – Nenedán, Winter – Aarón
Narrator – Javier

Main idea:

Christmas time. Mother and Father Christmas invite The Three Wise Men to their house to talk about the childrens´ wishes and the crisis.
The Three Wise Men have to travel all the way from the Canary Islands to England. On their way to England the witch kidnaps Melchoir.
When they get to England, Father and Mother Christmas offer them their help. They look for Melchoir in Winter, then in Spring, Summer and finally in Autumn. In the end, they find him in Autumn in a Halloween party.

Narrator: It´s Christmas time. Father and Mother Christmas are calling from England to the Three Wise Men in the Canary Islands. They want them to come to England to talk about presents.
Father Christmas: (he´s calling) Hello. Is this Gaspar?
Gaspar: Yes, Gaspar speaking.
Father: Could you please come and visit us in England to talk about the childrens´ wishes and the crisis?
Gaspar: I have to discuss it with Melchoir and Balthasar, but I think the answer is yes.
Narrator: After the phone call The Three Wise Men are getting ready and Mother and Father Christmas as well.


Narrator: At he witches´ house.
Witch: I´ve heard the Three Wise Men are coming to visit Father and Mother Christmas. I´ve got an idea..
Narrator: But her idea is not good – the witch hates Christmas and she wants to spoil it. Later, when The Three Wise Men are travelling to England, the witch comes on a broomstick and kidnaps Melchoir.

Melchoir: Help!! Help!!
Gaspar and Balthasar: Father and Mother Christmas, help us!! Somebody took Merchoir.
Father and Mother Christmas: What´s happening?
Gaspar and Baltasar: that ugly creature took Merchoir. Who is that?
Father Christmas: That´s the witch. She hates Christmas.
Mother Christmas: She can´t spoil Christmas!! Let´s look in Spring.
Narrator: They are going to look for the witch in all the 4 seasons. They arrive in Spring. They ask..
Baltasar: Have you seen the witch?
Spring: No, I haven´t. But I found this... (leaf, pumpkin..)
Narrator: Then they go to Summer.
Mother Christmas: Have you seen the witch?
Summer: No, I haven´t. But I found this...( skeleton, monster, invitation card, etc)
Mother Ch.: They are not in spring, neither in summer!
Balthasar:And what are these things?
Gaspar: Wait a moment!!!I think they sould be in Autumn.Let´s look there.
Father Christmas.: That´s right, the witch doesn´t like winter but she likes Autumn and Halloween.
Narrator: They start looking in Autumn and suddenly.....

Students dancing ¨Thriller¨………….
Gaspar and Balthasar: Melchoir!! Are you ok?
Melchoir: Oh, yes I´m very well, come to the party.
Balthasar: Melchoir:  we have to go back to Father and Mother Christmas´ house.
Mother Christmas.: Don´t you remember?  we have a meeting?
Melchoir: Ok, thank you very much for the party. Halloween is great!!
Father Ch.: Ho, Ho , Ho. What about Christmas? Christmas is also fantastic!
Witch: I don´t think so!
Balthasar: That´s because you know nothing about it.
Black cat: That´s right.
Mother Ch.: Dear witch , we invite you to help us preparing Christmas, it´s very complicated but is amazing!!
Melchoir: Christmas trees, bells…
Father Christmas.: All the families sit together….
Balthasar: Children´s faces while opening their presents…
Witch: Well , I´m coming.
Black cat: Miaaaaaaaauuuuuuuu, That´s great!!!!! Balthasar, here is my letter.
Witch: But , you believe in that!!!(angry and surprised)
All laugh……
Narrator: As you can see, everybody loves Christmas and so do I!! Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!!

The end

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